Who we are
If you are looking for high quality children’s playgrounds, you are at the right place!

Ever since 2002 Jūrmalas Mežaparki Ltd. deals with children’s playground manufacturing, installation and adjustments.
Year from year, accumulating experience and improving our products, we have become the largest playground manufacturer in Latvia. Our playgrounds delight children in large cities, small villages and at private houses in Latvia and beyond its borders.

Jūrmalas Mežaparki Ltd. is a family business, and that is why respect for family values in our daily work helps us to see that the playground is not just wood, metal and plastic connected with bolts. Behind every playground project we see children, who will play there and parents, who will oversee them.

Our team

By purchasing our products, you can be sure, that they have been manufactured maintaining highest quality standards, and that they do no harm to the environment we live in.

Jūrmalas Mežaparki Ltd. has been awarded TÜV SÜD Czech safety certificate for children’s playground installations, which confirms that JMP playgrounds complies with European Union safety and quality standard EN1176-1 (and related standards). This certificate confirms that JMP materials are qualitative and constructions are safe against wind and snow loads, as well as confirms accordance to fire safety standards. Children can play safely on JMP playgrounds.

Jūrmalas Mežaparki Ltd. In its work aims to be competitive, socially responsible woodworking company, which manufactures children’s playgrounds to develop and improve conditions for wholesome children’s development by complying to binding legislations and other industry and environmental protection regulatory requirements, following innovations in children’s playground manufacturing and woodworking, inquiring about company’s activity-specific environmental pollution and natural resource use reduction possibilities, continuously working on quality management and environmental protection system efficiency improvement, encouraging activity-specific environmental protection measurement imposition within the company’s competences, not only during the time of manufacturing of children’s playgrounds, but at the place and time of installation and use of the equipment as well. Jūrmalas Mežaparki Ltd. has been certified by Bureau Veritas, confirming that the company’s activities comply with international safety and work quality standards.



The biggest playground in Latvia

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