JMP wins playground tender for 1.4 mil. EUR

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2016 has kicked off on a high note for us, and we have just received the tender to build 24 playgrounds for schools and kindergartens in Riga for a total of 1.4mil euros. The new playgrounds will be home to new memories for children in the following institions: Riga’s 15th, 112th, 123th, 241th, 242th, 124th, 125th, 126th, 141th, 162th, 167th, 192th, 215th, 221th, 229th, and 262th Preschool Educational Institions (PEI), as well as 275th PEI of Riga “Austriņa”, Riga PEI “Asniņš”, Riga PEI “Jumis”, Riga PEI “Kurzeme”, Riga PEI “Pīlādzītis”, and Riga PEI “Vadakstīte”, and two schools – Oskara Kalpaka Rīgas Folk Craftsmanship middleschool and 85th High school of Riga.

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