Rubber Surfacing

Playground can be considered absolutely safe for children, because not only the equipment is constructed and installed in compliance with standard EN 1176, but playground surfacing, depending on fall height, is created according to standard EN1177.

This standard has been developed based on the injuries a child can get falling from a playground constructions and how the injury can be reduced when it happens.

There are various solutions for surfacing in order to reduce injuries – sand, mulch, fine pebbles or rubber. Rubber surfacing is the most common, because it lasts longer than other materials, it needs less maintenance and is easier to monitor, because bulk material is not permanent and dangerous holes can form any time.

Jūrmalas Mežaparki Ltd. offers two types of rubber surfacing: tiles or “casting rubber”.
Rubber tiles, commonly 45 mm thick, contains SBR* rubber granule layers and EPDM* rubber granule top layer. EPDM top layer for the tiles is available in various tones, see below.

Rubber tile paving is similar to cobble paving. 200 mm thick compacted, crushed stone and sand, base is made under the tiles. Since the amendments to Construction Law, which demands 60 month warranty for improvements, instead of sand, we use 5 cm thick layer of concrete, which eliminates any possibility of base washouts.

For casting rubber, just like tiles SBR granules are used for the base layers. Depending on plausible fall heights, SBR rubber layer is 80% of the entire intended thickness. Afterwards remaining 20% is paved with EPMD granule surfacing. Paving material is made on site using special equipment, mixing the granules with a binder. Unlike tiles, “casting” rubber surfacing allows to create irregular shapes, patterns and drawings on the surface, thus making it attractive and interesting for the children.
The base is made using the same principles as for the tiles. Compacted, crushed stones with concrete top layer.

SBR – recycled rubber, most common – ground tires.
EPDM – Newly made rubber.

Jūrmalas Mežaparki Ltd. lays out more than 4000 m2 of rubber tiles and „casting rubber” surfacing. We have around 300m2 red tile surfacing in our warehouse at all times, which is available right away, without waiting. For larger orders maximum waiting time is 4 weeks.

TUV certificate for tile or granule compliance with standard EN1177 is available for all our products.

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