JMP Civic

Jūrmala Mezaparks Ltd. has established a social enterprise JMP Civic Ltd. with the aim, first of all, to increase the competitiveness and labour market participation of people at risk of social exclusion, as we ourselves have been faced with the fact that people of pre-retirement and retirement age often apply for jobs. Secondly, in the context of the Covid pandemic, to promote hygienic conditions in the widest possible range of the population by making the use of hand sanitisers as easy and accessible as possible, thereby reducing the spread of viral diseases.

Strong Together

For the implementation of these objectives a Business Project has been developed and will be implemented with the funding of the European Social Fund, European Social Fund project identification No. "Support for Social Entrepreneurship", Grant Agreement No. 154488/SU0000221, concluded on 17 November 2021.

European Social Fund project "Support for Social Entrepreneurship"

The project goal is:
To identify and test optimal solutions for the creation and development of social enterprises, including support for social enterprises for labour integration, in order to increase employment opportunities for disadvantaged unemployed, disabled and mentally handicapped people.