JMP Company



Most important element in our playgrounds is wood. After a long time searching for the best solution, we have chosen dry, glued pine beams, which are delivered to us by wooden house manufacturer. Immortal. Made in Latvia!

Abrasive waterproof plywood

This material is used for all surfaces intended for walking, to prevent slipping during rain and it wouldn’t endanger children while they play. Made in Latvia!

Reinforced rope

Six re-bar reinforced rope with soft coating, for easy grip and safe from vandals. It will get dirty over time, because it will be stepped on, but nothing to worry about – go over it with high pressure water hose and it will be as good as new. Country of origin – Sweden.

Metal parts

Depending on their intended use, mostly galvanized and powder coated parts are used, but if they are exposed to heavy loads and friction, in order to maintain their visual look, parts are manufactured from stainless steel. Made in Latvia!


Plastic linings and beam tops

Screw linings and other plastic parts with our marking is our trademark. They are used for safety reasons – hiding screw connections, which can endanger the children. Made in Latvia!


High density polyethylene form 100% recycled materials. This material is resistant to weather condition effects; it is easy to remove vandalism signs from it and is durable. Country of origin – Spain.



High Pressure Laminate. Country of origin – Germany.