Jūrmalas Mežaparki Ltd. offers 2 year warranty for all equipment’s defects, associated with manufacturing defects or material defects. Jūrmalas Mežaparki Ltd. provides additional warranty associated with manufacturing or material defects form the day of received payment. Our responsibility as the manufacturer under this warranty is the replacement of the damaged items free of charge at the manufacturer’s discretion. Learn more

Planning and Design

Before choosing your playground we recommend contacting us, indicating location, its size and expectations. Our designers and project managers will provide the best and most optimal equipment variations so the playground is as functional as possible according to defined budget.

Installation and Delivery

Jūrmalas Mežaparki Ltd. offers equipment’s delivery and installation. Our experienced installation crews will work fast and efficiently. We have all the necessary equipment to not only install the playground, but also clean and improve surrounding area – dismantle old playground equipment, set up rubber surfacing, put in cobble and sow the lawn. By your request, you can receive your playground without installation services, packed on a pallet. All equipment has a detailed installation instruction, which will allow you or your workers to assemble and install the equipment on your own.

Rubber Surfacing

Playground surfacing has to comply with safety standard EN1177. There are many solutions, but we recommend rubber surfacing, which will hold longer than sand or mulch, it requires less maintenance and is visually appealing. Every year Jūrmalas Mežaparki Ltd. in cooperation with its partners lays out more than 4000 m2 of rubber tiles and „casting rubber” surfacing on playgrounds. Learn more


Distribution in Latvia

Since the beginning of 2015, we are the official distributor of the French playground manufacturer Proludic S.A. in Latvia and Lithuania. Together we can offer our customers diverse and more interesting playgrounds for a competitive price, combining products manufactured in Latvia and France.


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