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Rubber covering

A playground can be considered completely safe for children if not only the equipment is designed and installed in accordance with EN1176, but also the surface of the playground (depending on the height of fall) is designed in accordance with EN1177.

This standard is based on the injuries a child may suffer from falling from the playground structure and how they can be reduced at the time of the fall. There are various solutions for creating a cover to reduce injuries – sand, mulch, fine pebbles or rubber. Rubber coverings are the most common because they will last longer than other coverings, require less maintenance and they are easier to monitor. Surfaces of other materials are not permanent and dangerous pits forms there regularly.

“Jūrmalas Mežaparki” Ltd. offers two types of rubber coverings: tiles or “pourable rubber”.

Rubber tiles

Tiles consist of a layer of SBR* rubber granules and a top layer of EPDM** rubber granules. The most common thickness is 45 mm. The EPDM tile surface is available in various shades, which can be viewed below.

Laying rubber tiles is similar to laying paving. A 200 mm thick compacted crushed stone and sand base is formed, on which tiles are applied. Since the amendments to the construction law, which provides for a 60-month guarantee for the improvement works, we have been pouring a 5 cm layer of concrete over the gravel base instead of sand, which prevents any possibility of the base of the area being washed away.

Pourable rubber

Just like with tiles, SBR granules are used in the base course. Depending on the expected fall heights, the SBR rubber layer is applied at a thickness of 80% of the total planned thickness. Then, 20% thick EPDM granule coating is applied. The coating material is prepared on site by mixing the granules with the binder in a special device.

Unlike tiled surfaces, the rubber coating allows you to create irregularly shaped patterns and drawings on the square, thus making it more developmental, interesting and attractive to children. The base is formed according to the same principles as tiles – compacted chips with a concrete surface.

* SBR – recycled rubber, most often – ground tires.

** EPDM – first made rubber.

“Jūrmalas Mežaparki” Ltd. lays about 4000 m2 of tiles and pourable rubber cover every year. There is a permanent red tile cover of about 300 m2 in our warehouse, which is available immediately, without waiting. For larger orders, the waiting time is up to 4 weeks.

All our products have a certificate issued by TUV for compliance of rubber tiles and granules with the standard EN1177.