Concepts / projects

We also create unique playground solutions, where challenging ideas meet individual circumstances that require adaptation. Magnificent castle or indoor playground for installation at airports to entertain the small travelers while waiting. We are up for the challenge!


In the secret of Parainen in Finland, there was a desire to introduce something unique and suitable for the existing environment. During the planning stage, works were developed according to the client's preferences in terms of color and functionality. The surreal playground equipment allows stimulating imagination, and each person can perceive this playground as a work of art. The nest, or as the Finns call it "Pes ä," is built near the art piece created by Stefan Lindfors, Lucius Alienus. The play elements are stylized to depict a bird's nest with egg-shaped seats, light elements that also allow the unique playground to be seen during the dark hours of the day.


In 1483 Leonardo da Vinci made a sketch of a helicopter-like aircraft - an "air-screw". It inspired us to create this concept with game elements that develop hand motor skills and at the same time sharpen the mind and inspire children. The corps is made of HPL panels in two colours, which means it can match the colours of any required airport.


This playground - specially made for Riga International Airport - contains elements that stimulate and develop hand motor skills and sharpen children's mind. Entry into “the plane's” frame is suitable for children in wheelchairs. The frame is made of two-color HPL panels, which means they can match any necessary airport colors.

Downtown sport square in Riga

The most impressive playground in Latvia. The renovation of an ambitious sports complex in the center of Riga, Barona Street. Suitable for both small and large. Toy equipment manufacturer – our cooperation partner Proludic S.A.S. 

Impressive playground in Riga

Impressive and interesting playground in Riga, Imanta. Toy equipment manufacturer – our cooperation partner Proludic S.A.S.


Crabbery is a concept for a unique and even surreal playground, a visual mix of crab and ferry. It is made specially for a client from Finland and it fits in marine style to coincide with a nature of a seaside town.


Sometimes one letter is all you need to turn a playground into something special. But wait… it’s a slide – an example how a form can be functional.

Pencil Park

A playground where fantasy turns into reality. Creative, colorful and original playground where even adults can feel small again for a moment. Built in Jurmala (Latvia) in 2013.
The total area of the complex is 1800 m²
Height of pencils – 7 m


The playground is designed to resemble a real castle. Made according to client's desire.
Enclosing panels with integrated high pressure laminate (HPL) playing elements. The playground complex includes following elements – stainless steel slides, climbing walls, cabins with tables and benches, firefighter bars, closed tube slides and others.

Total space of the complex – 19.61 m x 20.26 m
Height of “the stone wall” – 3.07 m
Height of the towers – 6.79 m